Remco's Creations

This page has some of my creations, but nothing about me, sorry. I'm a software engineer and not an artist, thus don't expect masterpieces here. This is for friends and family, although you're welcome to take a look.

Here is a Google Photos album with most of Remco Teunen's creations ("sculptures"). I haven't done anything on that front for more than 10 years. 

If you have comments or questions, you can reach me at

#2a by Remco Teunen, 2017
No2 version a, 2017
#2b by Remco Teunen, 2017
No2 version b, 2017
#2c by Remco Teunen, 2017
No2 version c, 2017
No0 predecessor, 2017
No0, 2017
№1, 2017 by Remco Teunen
No1, 2017
Walking, 2017
Marble, 2017
Grid, 2017 - This was really a sample to try out different colors for a big version of one of the 9 pieces. Liked it as is though.
Lake 1, 2017
Lake 3, 2017
Flower, 2017
Food, 2017
City, 2017
Plants, 2017
Yard 1, 2017
Yard 2, 2017
Yard 3, 2017
Pollock, panel 1, 2014
Pollock, panel 2, 2014
Pollock, panel 3, 2014
Abstract, 2015
Abstract JPN Text, 2016. This is an image that shows the evolution of the piece.
Rick and Roy, 2016
"Kanji" (This is just a composition, there is no meaning.), 2004
Deer, 2016
Self-portrait, 2012. There are problems with it (particularly the mouth), but I'm not going to fix those.
Tea light mobile, 2001
Abstract sculpture, 2002
(Fully functional) Boombox, 2001